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SPSOFT is one-stop IT outsourcing company, offering diverse set of solutions and services with commitment & passion to its clients globally. We understand the volatility of today’s technology and so we ensure that the solutions we offer are future proof. We believe in time-bound delivery, and through that we have established a dependable brand reputation among our global clients.


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UI/UX Design

A perfect blend of User Interface and User Experience boosts the reach

Every step of designing that affects the end user is part of the designing process. Our UI/UX Design services offer you creative interfaces that help you ATTRACT, ENGAGE, and CONVERT.

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Web App Development

Avail our full-cycle web application development services and reach out to more customers.

PC老群Web app development is trending, as companies are looking for a digital revolution that can attract audience and boost up their sales. Our services will fulfill your needs with precision.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile phone users look for interesting applications that make a difference to their business.

Several companies opt to conduct marketing activities for their business through the mobile devices. We build creative applications that gives your business an outstanding approach.

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Internet of Things

We create magic using three basic ingredients – People, Machine, and Processes.

IoT technology allows you to manage the functions, performance, and connectivity of all your devices. The IoT Services of SPSOFT brings all your internet connected devices together under one roof and effectively use them.

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Machine Learning

Analyze your data with Bigdata technology and make clear and informed strategic decisions.

The healthcare industry is making use of the bigdata technology to analyze large amounts of information to save lives of millions of patients. SPSOFT provides similar services to various businesses using Bigdata technology.

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Artificial Intelligence

Make your machines think and learn the way you do.

To implement knowledge engineering, AI requires access to objects, categories, properties, and relations between each other. The AI services provided by SPSOFT includes analysis of machine learning through algorithms and enhancing the performance of machines.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are a conglomerate of freedom and possibilities.

Thanks to the advanced technology, AR is being extensively used in smartphones and tablets. Virtual reality on the other hand, is the means of creating a simulated environment with the help of computer technology.

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Cloud & DevOps

Make your services available through the cloud technology and enhance the processes through DevOps.

Cloud and DevOps together help the businesses to achieve their goals and attain desired growth and evolution. Cloud and DevOps services offered by SPSOFT help the clients to acquire the digital transformation.

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Cryptocurrency… Bitcoin… Do these terms interest you? The Blockchain technology is meant for you.

Blockchain technology has given rise to a fancy digital currency, Bitcoin. It keeps a record or all data exchanges or what we call as transactions, creating a ledger. Every transaction is verified and the verified ones are recorded as a “block”.

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Staff Augmentation

Right workforce offers the right force to the work.

PC老群The entire outsourcing strategy behind staff augmentation is based on the objectives of the business. Staff augmentation is an analysis of an organization’s current talent pool and their future requirements.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a trending option of marketing various products over the digital platform.

PC老群When a combination of capturing content, SEO friendly design, and lot of creative ideas. come together in the right proportion, then there is increase in sales through the digital marketing platform.

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Managed Services

Manage business functions smoothly, and overcome hindrances easily.

PC老群The management and consulting services are a common need of any business. Providing the required product support and maintenance, conducting product testing and QA regularly, and offering project consultation, is all part of the managed services.

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We Help Startups Fly

“An idea leads to innovation and innovation leads to betterment.” A successful startup is built with few great minds, an amazing idea, and a strong support system. If you think you have the former two ingredients, we can be the final factor for your success. From ideation to iteration, from finding out your target audience to actually reaching them out, and identifying the gaps in your idea to filling them; we will be there with you from the conception to its creation. Furthermore, We have the right network to take your startup ahead. Your success shall always be yours, however, we want to make your journey memorable!

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Every industry is unique and so are their challenges. Our vast expertise and strong network of professionals helps us to deal with the different industry-specific situations and provide you effective solutions.


On-Demand Service Marketplace

If you are looking for a company that provides the best on-demand service marketplace solution for your business, then look no more; SPSOFT is your destination. We offer solution to build you a platform that receives online demands from customers, and you are able to provide offline services in return.

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BLE/Beacon Solution

Beacons are small Bluetooth radio transmitters, ideal for advertisements and notifications purpose and are popularly used by businesses in retail, entertainment, electronics and many more industries. Avail the beacon solutions offered by SPSOFT and opt for trending ways of marketing your product.

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Rental & Booking Solution

PC老群SPSOFT offers the best solution for renting and booking your products and services efficiently. Our solution ensures hassle-free service for your business making it an easy and preferable option for your customers.

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Enterprise Solution

Managing an entire business including all its departments, intra-departmental and interdepartmental tasks is not easy. Instead it is more complex than you can imagine. SPSOFT offers solutions such as enterprise mobility, enterprise storage and enterprise network.

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Healthcare Solution

Healthcare industry has seen technological improvements in sectors such as hospital information management systems, recording patient’s history, connecting healthcare equipment online and so much more. We collaborate with the healthcare equipment manufacturers to enhance the medical outcomes, making the healthcare sector more cost-effective.

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Hospitality Solution

PC老群Thanks to the advent of technology, we are now able to travel at lower costs and faster pace. Considering the increased number of travels per person, managing the travel requirements has becomes a more complex procedure. There is a need for an efficient solution and SPSOFT provides just that.

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Retail & Ecommerce Solution

The retail and eCommerce industry is rapidly growing considering increasing customer needs. We offer solutions to ensure low operational costs and better quality satisfying your customers. Because increase in customer satisfaction means increase in sales.

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Social Media & Communication

Majority of the world’s population today has at least one social media account. Countless people, companies, and brands associate with each other through the social media. This networking and communication means is very complex and requires a strong solution to manage it accurately.

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Our Clients

I am very pleased with the quality of your service.
- A general transcription client form UK

I just wanted to thank you and your team for your excellence. I apologize for our crazy time requests, but we really are organized. It is the nature of the demand placed on us. I just wanted to express to you and your team how much I appreciate the quality and speed of your professional services.
- A leading spine surgeon from USA

The transcription services have been fantastic and I have told anyone who will listen about your services and have given them the contact information. Your services have been critical to my business and Pramod and his team have been wonderful. I am your biggest fan.
- A leading neurosurgeon from USA

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent and timely work. It seems that I have more urgent turnaround business than before and I appreciate your flexibility in accommodating these times. You are fantastic
- A Leading oncologist from Canada

I like your service. It is reliable and professional.
-A leading med-legal from UK

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